Best Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage Services

Our daily activities on the PC and mobile devices involve the creation of new documents and generating data. These documents, data, and media contents contain essential information that must be kept intact from the reach of intruders. There are various ways through which you can save your files. These include the use of external storage devices like flash drives, internal and external hard drives. However, these storage devices can be accessed easily by a third-party. Also, they are prone to virus or malware attack, which results in permanent loss of the saved document, data, and media content saved. Hence, one of the safest ways of storing your files is the use of cloud storage services. These cloud storage services enhance your accessibility to files from any location. It also helps you to secure and recover your data effortlessly. The cloud storage services also allow you to share your content quickly and at your convenience. The benefits of cloud storage of files have paved the way for the development of various cloud storage services. These cloud storage services come with different features, prices, and storage capacity. Today, I will be guiding you through the various cloud storage services you can choose to store your data, documents, and media files.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage services provider. It is fast and straightforward to use with a lot of enticing features. The cloud storage service provider gives you a free storage capacity of 2GB when you sign up. With Dropbox, you can access your file from anywhere. The cloud storage services provider also has an excellent file sharing feature where you can share a Dropbox folder with your friend or family. Also, you can view your image folders as a gallery with Dropbox. This feature makes Dropbox an effective substitute for photo sharing sites like Flickr and Imgur. Dropbox has free, plus, professional, and business plans. For the free version, you get 2GB storage capacity with limited features. With the Plus plan, you can enjoy a 2TB storage capacity with 30-days rewind history at the cost of $9.99 per month. Also, the Professional plan costs $16.58 per month. With this plan, you can enjoy the full features of DropBox storage services with 180-days data rewinding history. Furthermore, the Business plan costs $12.50 per month with 3TB storage capacity for your files.  Also, Dropbox offers unlimited storage of data at a service charge of $20 per month. All Dropbox plans have trial versions that span for 30 days. The storage services provider supports Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Windows phone, and iOS devices.

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2. IDrive

If you are interested in using a cloud storage service provider that does not only offer cloud storage services but also provide backup services, IDrive is the right choice for you. IDrive remains one of the best cloud storage service providers owing to its fantastic features. With IDrive, you can access personal cloud storage features effortlessly. You can also enjoy the backup of your files and small businesses. IDrive allows you to manage one account on different PC’s operating systems and mobile devices. When you back up your files with IDrive, the files can be accessed using a mobile app, web browser, and the PC. IDrive has private encryption keys that can help you secure your files. The cloud storage service provider has both free and subscribed versions. The free versions offer you 5GB storage capacity. Also, the subscription versions are not expensive. With $52.12 per year, you can get 5TB storage capacity to store your files. You can also subscribe to a storage capacity of 10TB at $74.62 per year. With the business plan, you can subscribe at $74.62 per year for 250GB storage capacity, $149.62 per year for 500GB, and $374.62 per year for 1.25TB. IDrive supports all PC’s operating systems and smartphone devices.

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3. Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent storage service provider that offers you free 15GB storage capacity when you sign up for a google account. Google Drive has a fantastic feature whereby its users can integrate it into browsers like Google Chrome. You can also integrate Google Drive into the Android device for easy accessibility. With Google Drive, you can save Gmail attachments, scan documents, access documents offline, and share files easily. If you need more storage space for your files, you can spend your dollar on the subscribed versions. When you pay $1.99 for a month or $19.99 for a year, you can access 100GB storage capacity. For access to 200GB storage space, you pay a sum of $2.99 per month or $19.99 a year. Furthermore, you can pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 for 2TB and $99.99 annually for 10TB storage space. Also, you can pay $299.99 monthly to access 30TB storage capacity. An interesting part is that your Google Drive account can be shared with friends and family because it does not require a password.

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4. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a fantastic cloud storage service provider that has excellent file backup features. It allows you to upload photos directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. OneDrive has a built-in remote access features whereby you can access your OneDrive account on any PC used by OneDrive client. With OneDrive, you can open Excel documents, Word, and PowerPoint files effortlessly. You can also integrate your OneDrive account with Office Web Apps for easy access. OneDrive allows you to edit office documents online, create, and share folders. Also, you can search for text in photos and browse animated GIFs seamlessly. When you choose OneDrive for your file backup services, you get 5GB storage capacity for free. You can also upgrade your storage capacity with a starting cost of $1.99 per month. Microsoft OneDrive supports Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Xbox, Wear OS, and Androids.

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5. pCloud

pCloud is an excellent cloud storage service provider that offers file backup services for family and businesses. The cloud storage service provider comes with fantastic features that thrill its subscribers and users. With pCloud, you can share your downloaded and upload links. You can also brand your download link and invite users to your shared folders. pCloud has security features like 256-bit AES encryption and TLS/SSL channel protection. Also, pCloud has HDD extension and automatic synchronization features of files across multiple devices. pCloud has file management features like data recovery, rewind account, remote upload, and file versioning. Furthermore, pCloud has media and usability features like built-in video player, unlimited speed, and file size.  pCloud has two annual subscription plans. When you subscribe to the premium plan at the cost of $47.88, you can get 500GB storage space for your files. You can also pay $95.88 for 2TB storage space for your premium plus plan. Also, there are premium and premium plus lifetime plan. The premium lifetime plan costs $175 for 500GB, while the premium plus plan costs $350 for 2TB storage space.

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6. Box for Business

The Box for Business is another fantastic cloud storage service provider that has a great file backup features. With Box, you can share your files with friends and family. Also, you can set permissions for the sharing of your confidential files. The cloud storage service provider offers seamless collaboration services whereby you can comment on a Word document you are viewing in real-time. Box also has offline synchronization and workflow automation features. Also, you can integrate your files and folder other software or apps that you use for business consistently. In terms of security, Box is effective and efficient to protect your data and maintain its integrity. It secures your data with encryption and password features. Furthermore, Box is compatible with all browsers meaning that you can enjoy in-browser editing of content with it. You can enjoy a 10GB storage space free or pay a starting price of $5.80 to get a 100GB storage capacity.


The pros and cons of the cloud storage service providers are highlighted in the table below

Cloud Storage Service Provider                   Pros                 Cons
Dropbox 1.      Users can use it to scan documents.

2.      It offers a 30-days trial version for users before they subscribe.

3.      It is GDPR compliant, and files can be accessed offline.

4.      It has a high-end text editor feature.

1.      Fantastic features are limited to the subscribed version.
IDrive 1.      It is easy to set it up

2.      It has file synchronization and hybrid backup features.

3.      It secures stored files.

1.      It does not have unlimited storage.
Google Drive 1.      It offers users offline access.

2.      It can be used to scan the document.

3.      It offers a third-party integration feature.

4.      It is compatible with Microsoft office tools.

5.      It offers 15GB free storage space.

6.      It has video and photo playing features.

1.      It has no Linux client.


Microsoft OneDrive 1.      It offers real-time collaboration services.

2.      It offers users 30-days file versioning.

3.      It offers free one-month trial services on the family plan.

4.      It has a block-level synchronization feature.

5.      It has 2FA authentication and real-time security features.

1.      It has no Linux client.
pCloud 1.      It offers fast upload speed of files.

2.      It has built-in audio and video player.

3.      It can be used to backup social media files.

4.      There is no file versioning and file limit.

5.      It has a fantastic link sharing feature.

1.      The family and premium plus plan are the same.
Box for Business 1.      It has multiple pricing plans

2.      It gives users 10GB storage space free.

3.      It is straightforward to use.

4.      It offers unlimited storage plans.

5.      It has integration features.

6.      It has file encryption features.

1.      It does not support Linux.

2.      It offers limited features on the free version.

3.      Users can only upload a maximum of 5GB files.

Wrap Up

Your document, data, and media content are essential. You must keep them safe from theft and intruders. The cloud storage service providers discussed here are efficient and will give you an outstanding file backup experience when you choose any of them.

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