Best Idle Games

Best Idle Games

Playing games is one of the most exciting activities we enjoy today. There are many kinds of games that are available on various devices. No matter the type of device you use, the video game designers have got you covered. Gameplay comes with their unique strategies and tactics because each game is controlled uniquely. An example of these kinds of games is the idle game. An idle game is a fantastic game that is played by a lot of gamer or people with which to take the time to relax and enjoy their idle session. While playing the game, you don’t stress yourself to handle the game controller. All you need to enjoy your gameplay is to click the mouse. By this way of controlling idle games, some refer to the game as clicking games. Many a time, game enthusiasts find it challenging to select the best idle game they can play form the plethora of idle game available. Therefore, today, I will be telling you about the best idle games you can play.

1. Realm Grinder

If you desire to be a leader or you want to experience playing games that train you to be a leader, Realm Grinder is the best Idle game you can play. The game allows players to play the role of a leader or monarch of a simulated community. The role played by the player can either as a good or evil monarch. In Realm Grinder, you are influential, manage production and the political structure of the community. When playing the game, you will need to click in the beginning to earn coins for the community. The coin can be used to cast a spell, upgrade, by buildings, and carry out other essential activities. The game can be played offline once you have started. It has no fixed end meaning that you can end it when you desire to do so. As you progress in the game, you can sell some of your acquired properties to earn gems. These gems help you to produce more coins.

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2. Grow Defense

For gamers that desire playing tower defense games, Grow Defense is the right game they can play. In the game, you have a little gatehouse with a tine monster position in front of it. Your gameplay prowess is tested by defending your castle by clicking the mouse. Clicking the mouse releases projectiles towards the enemies. Bear in mind that you must click on your enemies if you want to destroy them with the projectiles. As you progress in the game, upgrading will allow you to access various skills and weapons to attack the hordes of monsters. Also, note that the upgrade brings about the appearance of harder monsters that will require new tactics and strategies to combat. You can also gain power gems as you continue playing the game. The gem earned increases your gaming power.

3. Crusader of the Lost Idols

If you desire to play a 2D top-down role-playing game to spice up your idle gameplay experience, Crusader of the Lost Idols is the best you can play. In the game, you are placed in charge to control a group of heroes journeying through a path that is filled with various groups of monsters. The incremental role-playing game allows you to control and launch an attack on the incoming monster with idle tactics to clear the way for the fantasy heroes to proceed on the journey. When playing the game, you earn gold, which is the game’s official currency. The currency is used to buy crusader upgrades and levels. Also, players can access some items to equip themselves as they proceed in the game. The Crusader of the Lost Idols game has a world reset feature that unblocks “Idols” that increases gold accumulation and crusader’s damage to their enemies.

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4. Doge Miner 2

Doge Miner 2, also called Rick-doge and Run on Discord in-game, Doge Miner 2 is a fantastic idle game that has to excite gamers when they play it. The aim of playing the Doge Miner 2 game is to earn coins to purchase rocket ship so that you can fly in the moon. The incremental clicker game presents you as a Shiba dog. When you launch the game, you will play by mining coins known as Dogecoin. You earn the Dogecoin by clicking on the rock. Each click attracts one Dogecoin, meaning that the more you click, the more the coin you have in the game. To increase the number of coins you earn, you can engage the services of helpers to assist you. You can also purchase upgrades for the helpers to increase their working efficiency.

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5. Almost A Hero

Almost a hero is a fantastic RPG clicker game that is well designed for idle game lovers to enhance their idle gameplay experience. The game involves you playing as a hero. In the game, you have the task of defeating bad guys that come your way. Playing Almost a Hero allows you to upgrade to a new level each time you have successfully overcome your enemies. When you upgrade to a new level, you encounter enemies that are stronger than the former ones. Hence, it would help if you employed new tactics and strategies to defeat the enemies at each level of the game. Each time you upgrade to a new level, you earn mythstones. The mythstones can be used to buy artifacts and mythical artifacts you can use to fortify and strengthen yourself for the new challenge in the game levels—one thing you must note us that the game does not stop when you are playing it. Hence, you must be available when you desire to start playing it.


The features of the Idle games are highlighted in the table below

       Idle game                            Features
Realm Grinder 1.      You play the role of a community monarch

2.      You can either act as a good or bad leader

3.      Coin earned are used to carry out important activities.

Grow Defense 1.      You defend your castle in the game.

2.      Enemies are like tine monster.

3.      Gems are earned in the game.

Crusader of the Lost Idols 1.      You control a group of heroes.

2.      You earn gold to buy crusader upgrades and levels.

Doge Miner 2 1.      You mine coins in the game.

2.      You can hire helpers to assist you.

3.      You can purchase a rocket ship with the coins.

Almost A Hero 1.      You fight bad guys in the game.

2.      You can upgrade to new levels.

3.      You earn mythstone to buy artifacts.


Idle games are played to catch fun while in your comfort zone. Today, I have discussed the best idle games you can play. Kindly go through them and choose the best you desire to play.

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