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The mobile device, PCs, and Macs have become an essential device we cannot but use every day. With these devices, we create documents, access the internet, save files, and perform other functions that are important to our daily endeavors. When saved on the device, these files can be attacked by viruses and malware. Also, various websites have a lot of security threats that find their way into our browsing devices. To forestall these challenges, you need to get a capable security suite and software for your PC, Mac, or mobile device. While a lot of this security software is made for domestic users, others can offer business-grade protection. With the use of security software, you can block spams, protect your files, and defend your data from hackers. You can also enjoy firewall protections and protection from viruses. The software can also be used to carry out thorough screening of files on memory sticks and other storage devices. The advantages that can be derived from the use of security software necessitates the need to discuss them in detail. Therefore, today, I will be telling you about the various security software you can use for your devices.

1. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is an excellent security software that is well known to the geeks in the security world. The software delivers an excellent defense of the content of your device. Kaspersky offers adequate protection on your data because it contains fantastic protection components like antivirus software, firewall, application launch control, and other essential security tools. The security software also offers adequate data backup services. Kaspersky has custom settings whereby specific phrases and words can be blocked. Through the custom settings feature, you can set rules for specific applications on your devices. Also, Kaspersky offers excellent passwords and data encryption services. Furthermore, Kaspersky secures your web browsers and protects your PC from webcam hijack. The security software has outstanding file shredder features, delete unwanted browser history, and outdated content in the recycled bin. Kaspersky offers a fantastic network monitoring services and safe parental controls for the access of their kids to sensitive data. Kaspersky supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

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2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a fantastic security software that can be used to protect your files effectively. The software has a lot of exciting features that make it one of the best choices for PC and smartphone owners. When you choose the software, you enjoy a great firewall, ransomware protection, WiFi security, browser security, and microphone defense features. Bitdefender also has excellent password management, vulnerability scanner, file shredder, email spam filter, webcam defense, and parental control features. With Bitdefender, you can access zero system slowdowns on your devices. Also, Bitdefender offers automatic updates and excellent security about cyber threats. The software has both free and subscribed versions. For the free version, you enjoy limited features with few add-ons. The subscribed version offers 30-days free trial access before you pay a token of $34.99. Bitdefender supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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3. Norton

If you need security software that can give you a fantastic security service on your internet activities and save files, the best software you can choose is Norton. The software has exciting security features like webcam protection, antivirus protection, smart firewall, and password manager. Norton also offers excellent anti-spyware, ransomware, and malware protection. It also provides a fantastic online threat protection services while accessing your internet facility. With Norton, parents can access outstanding parental in-depth monitoring and control on their kid’s activity on the internet. Also, Norton offers GPS tracking services for mobile device users. Additionally, the security software has integrated VPN and gives users online backup storage of files depending on their subscription package. Norton has various subscription versions. These include the standard, deluxe, LifeLock select, and ultimate plus. Each of the subscription plans comes with a 40% discount. The standard plan costs $39.99, deluxe cost $49.99, LifeLock select costs $99.99, and the ultimate plus costs $299.99 annually. Norton has no trial version and supports the Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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4. Avast

Avast is a popular security software that is widely used by smartphone and PC owners. The software has excellent features that make it one of the best when it comes to the security of devices. When you install Avast security software in your mobile device or PC, you enjoy an efficient malware, ransomware, and antivirus protection of your files. Avast also has an excellent password manager, secure browser, and network protection features. The software also offers the best VPN services to its users. Furthermore, Avast has a lot of configuration options and increases the speed of your devices. The security software can also be used to scan external storage disks before opening them on the device. Avast has both free and subscribed versions. The free version has essential features. However, you can enjoy the full features of avast when you pay for the ultimate plan. The ultimate plan costs $99.99 and $199.99 per annum. Avast supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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5. Webroot

Webroot is fantastic security software that performs the function of data protection effectively. The lightweight software has a lot of exciting features that delights its users. When you install the software in your device, you enjoy features like fast scans of files, firewalls, ransomware, and network connection monitor and protection. Webroot also offers threat protection, identity detection, and protections on account passwords and logins. The security software eliminates any trace of online activity on your data and offers 25GB online storage of data. Webroot offers users an efficient WiFi security VPN. However, the storage feature depends on the kind of subscription plan you do.  The software has various subscription plans. These include antivirus that costs $19.99, internet security with antivirus costs $29.99, and complete internet security with antivirus costs $29.99. Webroot supports device platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, ChromeOS smartphones, and Android.

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6. McAfee

If you need security software that offers more than antivirus protection, McAfee is the best software you can choose. The security software has an attractive interface that is easy to maneuver for users. McAfee offers fantastic protection for your data. When you install McAfee in your device, you enjoy excellent malware, ransomware, and spyware protection. The software also has outstanding privacy, password manager, safe web browsing, performance optimization, encrypted storage, and identity theft protection features. The identity detection feature helps to protect your data against hackers. McAfee offers various privacy protection. These include protection shredding of sensitive files. The software can be used to erase digital footprints and cookies. McAfee also offers excellent WiFi security. These include secured VPN, bank-grade encryption, and accessing geo-restricted files. McAfee has different subscription plans, which are family, individual, and multi-device plans. The family plan costs $44.99, individual plan costs $34.99, and multi-device plan at the cost of $39.99 annually. McAfee supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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7. Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro Maximum Security is a great security software that has fantastic security features. The software offers various security features that are easy to access. These include malware, multi-device, and ransomware protections. It also offers excellent URL filtering services. When you install the software in your device, you access full parental control, PC maintenance, and social network protection features. The Trend Micro Maximum Security software has a shield folder for the safeguard of sensitive files. The folder is saved in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. The security software subscription plan starts at $38. it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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The table below contains the pros and cons of security software.

 Security Softwares                     Pros                        Cons
Kaspersky 1.      It has a fantastic virus engine.

2.      It offers excellent parent control.

3.      It has great malware and URL blocking feature.

1.      It has no direct tech support when in use.
Bitdefender 1.      It has outstanding web browsing protection.

2.      It offers 30-days trial services with no credit card details required.

3.      It has excellent malware and URL blocking feature.

1.      It lacks some performance impacts.
Norton 1.      It has a full VPN integration feature.

2.      It has excellent parental monitoring and control features.

1.      Norton has no trial version.
Avast 1.      It is straightforward to use.

2.      It has a lot of configuration options.

3.      It has a full VPN integration feature.

4.      It has an excellent network security inspector.

1.      It sometimes displays ads.
Webroot 1.      It is a lightweight software.

2.      Excellent password manager.

3.      It offers a fast scanning of files.

1.      Its features are limited in iOS devices.
McAfee 1.      One license can be used on about ten devices.

2.      It provides stellar support.

3.      It has browsing protection.

4.      Excellent spam filter.

1.      It does not offer users cloud backup.
Trend Micro Maximum Security 1.      Excellent ransomware protection.

2.      Its interface is user-friendly.

1.      It offers limited configuration options.

Final Thoughts

Our files are essential to our daily life and business endeavors. Hence, there is a need to protect them with the use of efficient and effective security software. The security software discussed here is the best you can choose to protect your data.

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