Best Xbox Games with Gold to Play for Free in 2020

Best Xbox Games with Gold to Play for Free


The gaming world has evolved to become exceedingly interesting with the introduction of various gaming consoles. These gaming consoles continue to enhance the gameplay experiences of gamers across all parts of the world. An example of the gaming console is Xbox. The Microsoft Xbox gaming console successfully launched games with gold to enhance the gameplay of game enthusiasts that enjoy playing the Xbox games. The gaming console is known to give gamers between  3-4 free games based on Xbox live gold subscription. However, once they have gotten the game, they can access them free forever. Hence, you wouldn’t have to continue subscribing to reaccess them. There are lots of Xbox games available in this category, which leaves you with the thought of the best you can play. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the best Xbox games with gold you can enjoy playing.

1. Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a fantastic game designed and published into the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. The action role-playing game has some twists that spice up your gameplay experience when you access it. In the game, a player positions defenses or towers that assist in fighting or defending against various heroes of enemies. Each enemy has its unique defense mechanism except the barbarian. Dungeon Defenders also has a plethora of items for defense. These items include armors and weapons. They can be upgraded depending on the choice of the player. In the game, you can also have a pet known as Familiar. The pet gives the hero staff buffs and attacks the enemies. Dungeon Defenders offers both single-player and multiplayer options. It offers players two modes of games, which include the ranked and open modes.

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2. Gears of War

If you desire to play shooting games on the Xbox gaming console, the Gears of War game is the best you can play. Gears of war is a fantastic game designed by EpicGames and published by the Microsoft Game Studios. Gears of War involves the player having soldiers of Delta Squad around fighting to prevent the invasion of the human inhabitant by an unforgiving subterranean enemy called Locust Horde. All the gaming scene occurs in well designed frictional planet Sera. While playing the game, the tactics and strategies used to combat the enemy include your shooting skills. Gears of War multiplayer options in that it can be played by eight players when connected to the internet. Therefore, you can enjoy playing the shooting game with your friends, colleagues, and family.

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3. Charlie Murder

When you desire to play an action role-playing game in your Xbox gaming console, Charlie Murder is the best you can play. The side-scrolling beat’me game was developed with role-playing game elements for players to enjoy their gameplay sessions. In the game, players features as five-band members where one of them is selected as the lead vocalist and answers the name Charlie Murder. The band also has bassist Tommy Homicide, guitarist Lester Deth, drummer Rexecutioner, and backup vocalist Kelly Skitten. The game involves each player combating their enemies, which include shark, ninjas, witches, giant rats, yetis, and zombies. There more players involved in the game, the more the enemies they have to fight. In some sections of the game, players may fight one another. Charlie Murder game takes place in areas like graveyard, mall, and pirate ship. Enjoy playing Charlie Murder with your friend, family, and colleagues.

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4. Dead Island

Dead Island is another fantastic action role-playing game published by Deep Silver. The game has a beautiful open-world environment and multilayer damage system, which means that players see the effect of physical damages on the enemy character when they unleash mayhem on them. In the Dead Island game, the island has a big resort area, jungle, and a city. Players are empowered with sophisticated weapons to combat the enemies. Dead Island has survivalist strongholds like church, and lighthouse where players can seek fortress. The game has special zombies like infected, and other zombies like bandits, rams, and thugs. Unlike other action role-playing games, Dead Island specializes in melee combat, a condition whereby melee weapons are used to combat the enemies in the game instead of the usual firearm. With Dead Island, you can build your personalized character with your desired abilities and attributes. Completing your gameplay by combating your enemies by running, driving, walking, climbing ladders, and entering and exiting buildings are all Dead Island can offer you when you decide to play the game.

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5. Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a fantastic Xbox game simulated for players to participate in a heart-to-heart talk by welcoming people and listening to them. In the course of the game, the player makes an effort to solve the challenges brought to them by characters that have the challenge. The characters can be magical creatures like vampires and wolves. The magic creatures are served warm drinks when they visit you to tender their problems. Coffee Talk game mimics the real-live situations whereby characters can feel, think, and rest their soul and body.

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6. Sine Mora

Sine Mora is an amazing game that is designed to enhance the gameplay experience of players that cherish the games in the Xbox gaming console. The side-scrolling shoot’em game provides gamers with a unique challenge where they combat their enemies with more than 50 weapon combinations. Sine Mora tests your ability to kill a lot of enemies before each gameplay time elapse. Hence, it would help if you avoided side attractions while playing the game.


The table below summarizes the features of the Xbox games with gold

Xbox Games                                     Features
Dungeon Defenders 1.      It has a lot of items for defense.

2.      The tower is stationed to fight against heroes of enemies.

3.      The player has a pet that assists in the fight against enemies.

4.      It offers single-player and multiplayer options.

5.      It can be played in ranked and open modes.

Gears of War
  1. Soldiers of Delta Squad prevents the invasion of enemies.
  2. The game scene is frictional planet Sera.
Charlie Murder 1.      It features five bands.

2.      Fight against enemies takes place in graveyard, mall, and pirate ship.

Dead Island 1.      It has an open-world environment and a multilayer damage system.

2.      It involves the use of melee weapons.

3.      It has a survivalist strongholds.

Coffee Talk 1.      It involves heart-to-heart talk.

2.      The player gives advice and counseling.

3.      It involves characters like wolves and vampires.

Sine Mora 1.      Gaming session is timed.

2.      Success is measured by the number of enemies killed before game time elapse.


So, here are Xbox games with gold that you can play in 2020. Go through and choose the best you can enjoy playing.

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