Bloodborne’ Remaster’ Hitting On PlayStation 5 and PC soon. 

Bloodborne Remaster Hitting On PlayStation 5 and PC soon

The Wait is over:


It is going to be a piece of great and exciting news for the game lovers as Bloodborne is emerging out as remastered version and is expecting to hit the PlayStation 5 and PC soon. This news would be a sweet treat for gamers who had been playing this game on the PlayStation now can experience from Windows too. Reports claim that the Bloodborne is likely to come up with great surprises with more stunning visuals and an excellent soundtrack for its diehard fans in the new version. Initially, it was informed that the upgraded version is coming out in PC. Earlier Bloodborne which released in 2015 in PS4 was one of the most loved and best-selling games on the chart. Therefore the expectation level for this new Bloodborne of the remastered version has intensified among the fans. 


Original Bloodborne is an action-packed game set in Yharnam City where the people of the city are infected by a blood disease which turns them to bloody scary monsters. The gamers will play the role of the “last hunters”, and their part is to find their way among these beasts and follow the story towards the truth which is beneath the city’s downfall. It is a high-speed game with thrilling experiences. The visuals are a great treat to our eyes, and the soundtrack makes this Bloodborne game one of the most expected games in the platform of PlayStation 5.  


Fans believe that with the “remaster” tagline in the name, it is sure that there will be a significant improvement, taking the game to the next level. Earlier it was informed that the game would be revealed in the Playstation 5 event, but the event got cancelled due to the COVID 19 issues and the global protest going on regarding the racism. Further dates of the event have not revealed yet. Sources claim that Bluepoint games and QLOC are working on the lastest remaster version of the Bloodborne. The Bluepoint games have a massive reputation as they have developed great games in the past like the Shadow Of The Colossus remake under their belt and QLOC handled Dark Souls Remastered. It was great news for PC gamers as it supports nearly 60fps and 4K resolutions also. The remastered version will add more spice to the game when compared to the original. The original PS4 version of the Bloodborne didn’t run much as expected on both pro and base model. 


Rumored Specs


Some reliable twitter post dropped the information about the new release. “Bloodborne remaster making its way to PC and PS5 ‘soon,'” “Developed by the renowned Q Loc and Bluepoint Games” The sources also added that the new version of the game would add up enhanced textures and models, faster loading times and much more QoL enhancement. Also, 60 FPS, 4K, ultra-wide support. 

Anyhow, we need to wait for the official announcement. With the Playstation 5 event will be anywhere soon and it is expected that the new version of Bloodborne “remaster” will be quickly released by this year. 

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