Chivalry 2 arriving at Consoles with Cross-Play platform

Chivalry 2 arriving to Consoles with Cross-Play platform

It has been happy news for the video gamers recently as several games are reaching their way into the PC version and PS5. Last week Bloodborne “remaster” announced their arrival into PC and PS5 division and now Chivalary 2 also making its way into it.

The recent event of IGN’s Summer Gaming Expo 2020 unveiled the much-expected trailer of Chivalry 2, ripe with decapitations and screams of pain. Additionally, they also announced that the new game from the house of Torn Barner Studios would make its arrival to consoles featuring cross-play enabled. What more can we expect as a gamer?

Chivalry 2 earlier announced that it would come to PC in 2019 during the PC gaming show, but now they are extending its wings and coming to more number of platforms. Apart from the console version of Chivalry 2, the gamers can anticipate a full cross-play feature on every platform.

With the next-generation feature of cross-play, gamers on different consoles or computers can play together to wage war. It would be exhilarating to play in the cross-play platform. When Chivalry 2 gets released, it will be coming to Xbox One, X, PC, and along with PS4 and PS5.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of Chivalry 2, you have to view it. The trailer was loaded with deadly combat players with drops of blood all over. However, the game would not be appropriate for children as it contains full of violence. The new trailer shows great visuals and fights when compared to the original which was released in 2012. The1.40 min trailer was a great treat for the eyes at least in the eyes of gamers. The trailer shows players invading a castle being protected by other opponents to trash their trebuchets. The video shows a lot of clashing of the swords, weapons, arrows, and fires shot all around.

The developers of Chivalry 2 Torn Banner during the press conference said “The epic medieval battles in Chivalry 2 deserve an equally massive player-base,”

It is expected that Chivalry 2 is yet to launch on the Epic Games Store for PC sooner this year and then will be available on other PC storefronts. The game which was earlier showed at E3 2019 will have nearly 64 players fighting in the bloody medieval combat game. The play reveals an enhanced battle system and new subclasses, allowing gamers more customization options. The game also comes up with new siege weapons to battle a more massive fight and also you can continue fighting even after losing your limbs or disarmed.

It has been said that the Chivalry 2 is developed with Unreal Engine 4 rather than Unreal Engine 5. We can start to play this multiplayer battle games sooner this year. Stay tuned here for more updates regarding the Chivalry 2. Please drop us your comments and how excited are you in playing the new Chivalry 2 in the cross-play platform.

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