First Impression: Android 11 Beta gets Landed for Pixel Users

First Impression: Android 11 Beta gets Landed for Pixel Users


Finally, Android 11 beta gets landed for everyone to download, giving an early preview of its specs and features. This Beta version gives us the glimpse of what to expect when the main update of the OS gets available for download soon this year. The new Android 11 beta incorporates several new features, and they have categorized into three major groups: People, Controls and Privacy. Ideal features brought on with Android 11 beta are chat bubbles, improved media controls and control over sensitive permissions.

The tech giant Google planned the Google IO 2020 for May event, but it cancelled the event due to COVID 19 issues. Later prepared for an online event on June 3- but that too got cancelled due to the ongoing protest globally.

Initially, the beta version of Android 11 is opened up only for Pixel 2 and its successor smartphone users. Google made a tough call to leave out the update for their original Google Pixel and Pixel Xl for the first time.


Communication Made Easier With Android 11.

It is quite evident that Google has worked out much in the communication area focusing on people to make their communication more accessible. Speaking about the new Bubble features, it helps users to interact and respond to key conversations without having to switch back to and from between their current task and the messaging app. Android 11 beta makes way to handle their conservation right from their notification and multitask them so that you won’t miss out anything.

It also has been noted that when one types their conversation in the Gboard in Android 11 beta, they will get relevant automatic suggestion with regards to emoji and text. Dave Burke, VP, Android Engineering, Google said “It is achievable mainly due to the secure built-in artificial intelligenceā€. This AI which makes use of the advantage of Federated Learning, and result works like a magic without Google needing to watch what you type


Controlling and managing all the connected devices and media is made much easier with Android 11 Beta. By long pressing the power button users can have instant access and control their smart devices. Everything is made much easier as you can unlock your connected front door, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature and much more can do performed with a single tap without the need to open multiple apps. Users can now easily bring their music with them from their headphones, to speakers, or even to their TV.


Google never compromises with the privacy, and this time with Android 11, they have even tightened the grips with enhanced control with sensitive permission. Previously when we give access to the camera, microphone or location they stay the same forever. However, this time Android 11 is allowing users to provide one time access for it and it will request again when the app is used next time. All the runtime permissions that an app has gained previously will be made to reset if the app is not been active for a certain period of time. Google said Android 11 adds brilliant features for one’s smartphones with an enhanced screen recorder, improved voice access and performance. It also has added a much-enhanced share menu that makes the task lot easier when you try to share content from one’s phone.

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