Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi


The Wi-Fi connection in your house does not reach each of the rooms that make it up in the same way. A big problem for a society like today, in which we require an Internet connection for a multitude of everyday situations. And, today, we not only need a connection to be able to consult all kinds of questions on the Internet. Also to work, to play video games or even to watch our favorite series or movie.

For that same reason, and in order to avoid having connection problems again, Google recently introduced Google Nest Wifi. A new device, consisting of a router and a meshed Wifi point, through which you can cover houses of up to 210 square meters. If you are tired or tired of trying all kinds of homemade tricks to scratch some connection, and you are looking for a guaranteed alternative, we will tell you the reasons why Google Nest Wifi is an option to consider.


What is Google Nest Wifi

The goal of this Google product is to offer us a stable, fast WiFi network with the maximum possible coverage, no matter how large our home is. And as full of obstacles as it is. The two key pieces of the new Nest Wifi are a router and a wireless access point, both mesh type, with which we can do both separately and together. According to Google, when these two devices work side by side they can provide coverage in homes of up to 210 square meters.


Both devices can manage up to 100 connected wireless devices at once, as well as multiple simultaneous 4K video streams. In addition, they incorporate WPA3 encryption, they have the ability to autonomously search for the least congested 5 GHz band and they can work with devices that are compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, so in practice, we should be able to access the wireless network without problems even with old devices.


How to install Google Nest Wifi in your home

Google Nest Wifi connects directly to your telemarketer’s modem to decrypt its Internet signal and make the most of it. In this way, and just a few seconds after installing it, the new Google device allows you to enjoy faster and more powerful connections than that offered by a simple modem, as we have been able to verify after a week of use.


The installation is very simple. First, we have to connect the router to the electrical network through the 15-watt transformer included in the box. Once this is done, and after the router has been turned on, we will only have to connect it to the modem of our telemarketer. Then, after completing the installation, it is time to set up.


How to set up Google Nest Wifi from Google Home

To configure both devices you will have to download the Google Home application. Once this is done, and after installing the application (predefined on most mobile phones with the Android operating system), explain that you want to add a new device. To do this you just have to click on the (+) symbol that appears at the top of your mobile phone and select Set Up Home.


After selecting the Google Nest Wifi option, the device will ask you to take a photo of the QR code that you will find under the router to continue with the configuration. Next, you just have to follow the steps requested by your mobile phone to create your new meshed network.


It’s important to mention that the Wifi Point has a speaker and several microphones both to talk to the Google Assistant and to listen to all kinds of content. For that same reason, during the configuration of this second device, you will also have to set the Google Assistant up to help you with everything you need from now on.



Meshed networks are the solution that many users are looking for to solve WiFi coverage problems in their homes. Fortunately, over the past two years, a wide range of network equipment has come onto the market that allows us to deploy such infrastructure at home at a reasonable expense. The two Google Nest Wi-Fi devices join this offer, bringing to the table not only the strengths of meshed networks but also the possibility of using the wireless access point as a smart speaker with Google Assistant.

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