LG’s CineBeam PH30N: The Best in the Portable Section

LG’s CineBeam PH30N The Best in the Portable section


Everything has turned out to be portable, and now a portable projector is nowhere an exception in this list. The next big thing is out in the market from the makers of LG electronics CineBeam PH30N mini projector beams. The wait is over, and LG Electronics has finally unveiled the much-expected upgrade in the projector section. The new LG CineBeam PH30N Portable projector is designed beautifully with more excellent details, compact and more importantly, portable. The portable device measuring just 5- x 5- x 1.5-inches and weighing around 1 pound, this means you can take the projector anywhere outside or a trip to enjoy your day.

LG’s new product can project around a 100-inch screen covering a distance of 10 feet. There is a provision to connect the audio with the close by Bluetooth speaker; also there are options that connect for wireless device mirroring. Since the light source comes from an LED, the manufacturers have mentioned that the consumers can anticipate around 30,000 hours of use. After that, the users have to go for a replacement of the lamp. It can work for about 8 hours a day for nearly ten years.

With regards to the features, LG PH30N holds a USB port so that you can get access to your media either through hard drive or flash drive. This device would be an ultimate pick for people who prefer to watch shorter videos while traveling or one who needs a portable version on their bag. The CineBeam PH30N projects itself affordable when compared to its competitors out in the market place. The device comes with a reasonable price of USD 399.99.

However, with regards to the limitations with this new tiny model is that you won’t witness more exceptional brightness or don’t support 4K resolution. With the new LG PH30M projector, there are some compromising factors that involve such as you can’t play even a full movie through it as the battery power can withstand nearly two hours only before it needs to be recharged. The built-in battery can withstand just around 2 hours. This shows longer duration movies demand a power outlet to continue watching them. Apart from this, the portable device is designed with a picture resolution of 1280 x 720 and the level of brightness it illuminates is just 250 lumens.

With its stylish portable and compact look at a reasonable price, it has gained the attention of the customers globally. It will be an excellent pick for people who wish for a theater experience in Home or travel. Customer reviews remain positive for his device globally. If you can bear the small compromises the LG has made with this device with battery and resolution; it is definitely a great device to go for it. What do you think about LG’s new PH30 N device? Has it satisfied its promises?  Comment your thought regarding it.

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