Parental Control Apps for Androids in 2020

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Nowadays, a lot of devices run on the Android operating system. These devices are widely used for different purposes. They can be used to stream video, play games, surf the internet, and perform other vital purposes. When children use these devices to surf the internet and stream media content, their parents are most times afraid of them seeing content they ought to restrict them to access. With parental control apps, parents can control the content their children access on the internet effortlessly. The parent control apps do this by placing restrictions on some websites and permit them to access websites or apps that contain content that can benefit their childhood development. The importance of the parental control apps necessitates the need to discuss the efficient apps you can use on your Android device. Therefore, today, I will be sharing with you the best parental control apps you can use on your Android device in 2020.

1. Norton Family

Norton Family is an excellent parental control app designed to cater to the need of parents in controlling their kids’ access to content on the internet. The app is easy to set up for new users. Norton Family has fantastic features that position it as one of the best parental control apps. When you install the app on your Android device, you enjoy its time scheduling and location tracking features. Norton Family also offers you outstanding web monitoring and filtering services. With its monitoring service, you will be able to carry out unlimited tracking of your kids’ access to the internet.

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2. Net Nanny

If you desire to you a parental control app that is well designed for easy access, Net Nanny is the best app you can use. The app has a fascinating, easy to navigate, and user-friendly interface. Net Nanny parental control app has an excellent time scheduling feature. The app helps the parent to track their kids’ location and also give detailed location history on their kids’ movements. With the Net Nanny parental control app, you can block apps that you feel are not ethical for your kids’ development. Also, you can hide profanity and access its custom web filtering feature when you install it in your kids’ Android device.

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids

When you desire to use a parental control app that allows you to block some specific search on certain websites, Kaspersky Safe Kids is the right app to use. The app is simple and straightforward to setup. When you install the app, you will be able to block some calls and text messaging access of your kids on their Android devices. Kaspersky Safe Kids offers excellent web filtering and monitoring services to its users. Also, you can track your child’s location and access detailed location history with the app. Furthermore, Kaspersky Safe Kids has excellent time scheduling and geofencing features. Also, the app can be used to block apps in your kids’ Android devices. Enjoy a fantastic alert system when you install the affordable app in your kids’ Android device.

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4. Qustodio

Qustodio is an excellent parental control app that has a well designed and attractive interface. The app offers parents a fantastic time scheduling services on their kids’ devices and apps installed in them. With Qustodio, you can enjoy outstanding geofencing and location tracking features. The app also offers app blocking, text messaging, and call blocking features. Aside from Android devices, Qustodio supports Mac, Windows, and iOS.

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5. Boomerang

If you need a parental control app that offers the best geofencing services, Boomerang is the best you can install. The app is well designed with a fascinating interface that is easy to maneuver. Boomerang has enticing features that make it serve its users at optimum capacity. It has excellent time scheduling, web filtering, and geofencing features. Also, you can use Boomerang to supervise messages and calls on your kids’ Android devices. The app can be used to monitor kids’ activities on websites like YouTube. It also blocks their access to pornographic, gambling, violence, and illegal sites.

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6. Circle Home Plus

Circle Home Plus is an amazing parental control app with an intuitive and fascinating interface that is straightforward to navigate for new users. The app allows you to monitor your child’s activities on the internet. It also offers excellent time and web restriction services. With its web monitoring services via the home router, you can monitor the website assessed by your kids and restrict their access to pornographic and illegal sites. Apart from Android devices, Circle Home Plus supports almost all devices used to access the internet.


The table below summarizes the pros, cons, and the pricing system of parental control apps.

Parental Control Apps     Pricing System             Pros            Cons
Norton Family $49.99 per year. 1.      It is affordable to purchase.

2.      It has an excellent dashboard design.

3.      It is easy to set up and configure.

4.      It has a fantastic web filtering and monitoring feature.

1.      It has no geofencing feature.


Net Nanny $54.99 per year. 1.      It is easy to setup.

2.      It offers excellent app-blocking services.

3.      It has a web filtering feature.

4.      It can be used to hide profanity.

1.      It lacks a geofencing feature.

2.      It lacks call and text monitoring features.

Kaspersky Safe Kids $14.99 per year. 1.      It has a robust web filtering feature.

2.      It has an impressive alert system.

3.      It offers geofencing services.

1.      Its user interface is sometimes confusing.
Qustodio Small-$49.46 per year.

Medium-$87.26 per year.

Large-$124.16 per year.


1.      It monitors calls and text.

2.      It offers app blocking and time restriction services.

1.      It is expensive

2.      Its social media tracking is restricted to Facebook.

Boomerang Single plan: $15.99 per year

Family plan: $30.99 per year

1.      It has a fantastic web filtering feature.

2.      It supervises call and SMS on your kids’ android service.

3.      It offers geofencing services.

1.      It is expensive.

2.      It is used on mobile devices only.

Circle Home Plus $109.99 1.      It is easy to setup.

2.      It offers excellent web and time restriction services.

3.      It supports almost all devices.

1.      It is expensive.

2.      It lacks geofencing features.

Wrap Up

The parental control app is vital to all parents that desire to control their kids’ activities on the internet And their access to various apps on their Android devices. So, here are the best Android apps that offer the best parental control services. Choose any of them, and you will not regret doing so.

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