The Best Video Meeting Apps

The best video meeting apps


The Internet and various applications allow online meetings to be held virtually from any computer or mobile device for those who are working from home due to the emergency caused by COVID-19. And you should not invest a fortune: these services meet the needs and budget of any kind of customer or organization. This is a list of the best options to do a video conference.


This platform is one of the most flexible at the moment, as participants don’t need to register to be part of a videoconference or virtual meeting, as well as being able to follow it through their computer or mobile devices.

Although it has different payment plans, it also has a very complete free modality, as it supports up to 100 members a day and open meetings, but with a maximum duration of 40 minutes each, among other alternatives. Plus, the option sharing screen is perfect for business meetings.

Google Meet

This Google service, known in the past as Hangouts Meet, is the perfect complement for working teams or families to meet from a distance easily. Though it was initially intended for those who use the G-Suite, it started to be offered to any person with a Gmail account free of charge since May 2020.

The application allows you to connect video calls by a simple link or by pressing a button on your cellphone (iOS and Android); Encrypted audio and video transmissions for those who care about their privacy. Among other features, it also implemented mosaic architecture with a maximum of 16 participants in April 2020.

RingCentral Meetings

This site offers numerous online conference facilities directly to businesses, but it also has a completely free program, allowing up to 100 members in 40 minutes conferences (those involving just two people are unlimited).

Chats, annotations, and whiteboards are a few of the specifications shared by all the plans. Additionally, the modalities are designed into Outlook to get anything prepared.


If your team is small and everyone is a user of Apple products, Group FaceTime is the most immediate tool for you, in which 32 people tops can participate through their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple guarantees the protection of video calls to ensure participants’ privacy, and iPadOD or iOS 12.1.4 is only required on the computers. They protect these calls with the already known end-to-end encryption, which many other messaging applications use.


It is an easy-to-use, adaptive and perfect technology for a big team that requires to stay in touch for essential business, as well as being integrated for platforms of all sorts, such as browsers. It allows the sharing of screen and recording, and management options are diverse, allowing from assigning actions to reproducing highlights to newcomers.

There is a free trial, however, you have to pay to use the service over the long term; the most basic plan allows up to 50 people and costs $10 a month.


If you need to meet one or two members of your team digitally, you might need to make a video call through WhatsApp (up to four participants), which is also encrypted from the end to the end.

This function, that of video calls, is only available for the platform’s mobile version that belongs to Facebook, so at the moment you won’t be able to make it through the WhatsApp Web.


If you find it difficult to meet your classmates or colleagues at work to show the progress in a project, Skype is a tool that is more than attractive, especially as it is easy to operate.

“Community video sharing allows up to 50 individuals to communicate and collaborate with ease at the same time. With the community sharing screen you will show PowerPoint presentations, video clips, and many more to the entire team”, says the Microsoft-owned service.


Some of the features of the Teams are the full power of Microsoft’s packaging, from editing Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, and various interactive tools like group chats and video calls with tens or hundreds of participants.

Indeed, the company defines these tools as the center for teamwork on Office 365. It’s available for mobile (Windows) and wireless (iOS and Android) tablets.

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