The Last of Us II: What to Expect

The Last of US II: what to expect


The second part of The Last of Us has had a relatively smooth pre-release period, as a sequel to one of the most beloved games of the last generation. Sony and developer Naughty Dog shared few and occasional details about the game, and in the time since their announcement only a few trailers have come to light.

It has been 7 years since we separated from Joel and Ellie in the first installment, which became a cult game for the gamer community. Now they are back, and there is not much we know about this second part. Many theories have emerged, but this is all that is known of this long-awaited sequel.

Four years waiting

The Japanese company showed TLOU2 for the first time with a grim trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2016, featuring an adult Ellie next to a corpse while singing and playing a song. Things got darker from there, with another trailer on the following year’s PlayStation Experience and an equally brutal trailer on gameplay released at E3 2018.

In that way, Sony has usually pursued this trend of disclosure once a year, with just a few developer interviews to provide a few more information about the title. Naughty Dog has demonstrated the game ‘s functionality, pointed at several plot secrets, and most of all provided players with a complete picture of the difficult environment in which Ellie is in.

What story will The Last of US tell now

The storyline depicts Joel and Ellie again years after the conclusion of the first part, where it was not possible to find a cure for the disease that afflicts and has destroyed a good part of human civilization, but that led these two characters to rediscover themselves and regain faith and trust in others.

There are new characters that, like Ellie and Joel, become a fundamental part of the universe of The Last of Us. The developers have revealed that this continuation of the story has another engine, unlike the first that was driven by love. Neil Druckmann (the game director) alleged it is now hatred and revenge that is writing the characters’ story, so we may as well expect an even darker plot from the Naughty Dog boys.

A new stage

We toured the post-apocalyptic United States through the journey we started in the first game with Joel and Ellie, with Boston as the starting point. At the end of this, we said goodbye to our protagonists as they headed to meet Joel’s brother, traveling east to Wyoming.

Neil Druckmann stated on the PlayStation Experience that most of this second part will be mostly held in Seattle, which means that the United States is indeed home to the plot. However, knowing the nature of our first adventure, it is evident that we will be on the road again, in a journey exploring different locations. We also remember how after the Apocalypse the world kept its beauty and fauna, even growing and expanding in lovely scenes that we can discover.

Graphics and performance will maintain the high standards of the first game

Naughty Dog demonstrated even more gameplay in a demo during an event in September 2019, following the gameplay trailer shown at E3 2018. As detailed behind the scenes in the Naughty Dog early released demo, our Ellie is much faster and athletic than Joel (from the original game) being able to reach higher places and go through more closed spaces.

That goes hand in hand with the idea that even the infected are more dangerous in The Last of Us Part II. There are new guard dogs keeping track of odors and the heavily infected Shambler enemy that will inevitably have to be dealt with, and even low-level Runners are more dangerous than in the last game.

Lastly, Naughty Dog has also revealed that the AI for non-playable characters has been improved and companions are more useful than Ellie was in The Last of Us, capable of independently carrying out stealth killings and facing up to enemies in close combat.

It is finally here

The Last of Us part II had many release dates being delayed multiple times. But we should not wait any longer because this game will arrive globally on June 19, 2020 for PS4 and very possibly will be released later for PS5.

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