Top Mobile App Testing Companies to deliver high-quality testing services

Top Mobile App Testing Companies to deliver high-quality testing services

Thanks to the introduction of mobile devices to the technology world, people can now perform different activities in their comfort zone. With mobile devices, everyone can watch videos, listen to music, get news updates and notifications, and perform other exciting activities. Access to enjoying these activities has been made easy with the introduction of mobile apps. Due to its importance in mobile devices, mobile apps are fast gaining widespread recognition. When various app developers develop these mobile apps, they need to be tested to ensure they are fully functional and devoid of a form of a crash or having a poor interface. There are reputable companies that specialize in the testing of mobile apps as soon as they are developed before they are launched to the IT market. Today, I will be telling you about the top mobile app testing companies that can deliver high-quality testing services to you.

1. ScienceSoft

With more than 14 years of outstanding services and experience in the mobile app testing industry, ScienceSoft is an excellent and reputable mobile app testing company with a track record of excellence. When you engage the services of ScienceSoft, they provide a fantastic mobile app testing services to you. These services include end-to-end testing of mobile banking app, video streaming app, and may more. Their team of professional engineers also offer services like compliance, usability, and mobile security testing. The testimonies and reviews from their previous clients speak volumes about their outstanding services.

2. Kualitatem

When you need an independent mobile app and software testing company with a track record of sterling services, Kualitatem is the right company you can choose. The company has a team of certified and experienced professionals test mobile apps with the latest technology and work with state-of-the-art facilities. When you engage their services, the professionals and experts in Kualitatem will carry out tests like functional, responsive, performance, automation, mobile app testing, and many more. The workforce of Kualitatem will complete the testing of your mobile app with a short period at affordable prices.

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3. ImpactQA

ImpactQA, a Newyork based mobile app testing company, is a well-known company that has been in the business for several years. The company engages the services of professionals and experts that have full knowledge and expertise in the testing of mobile apps. When you consult the company for the testing of your mobile app, you can be sure of quality services. ImpactQA mobile testing services cut across sectors like health, security, education, commerce, BFSI, and many more.

4. BugEspy

If you need a company that provides excellent testing services with a short period, the BugEspy mobile app testing services is the best company to you can choose. Through its certified experts and professional, BugEspy will carry out high-quality testing services on your mobile app so that it can stand the test of time and compete favorably with apps that perform similar functions. BugEspy specializes in the testing of mobile apps developed for entertainment, music, transportation, security, health, eCommerce, and many more. The company also provides a lasting solution to your mobile apps that are non-functional. All high-quality services are rendered to mobile app developers at affordable prices.

5. Indium Software

With more than 20 years of sterling services, Indium Software one of the famous mobile app testing companies. The company offers various services that meet the exact needs of mobile app developers and established companies from any part of the world. Indium Software has a team of knowledgeable and certified experts that handle testing services like security, performance, system, functionality testing, and many more. All these quality testing services are offered at affordable costs.

6. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy Weblink Inc. is a reputable mobile testing company that has made a great name for itself in the mobile app testing sector. The quality services offered by the company attracted over 800 clients from more than 50 countries in the world. When you hire the services of Galaxy Weblink Inc., you can cast all kinds of mobile app testing needs on their certified experts because they will deliver quality and timely services with a high level of professionalism.

7. Apphawks

Located in the city of Poznan, Poland, Apphawks is a mobile app testing company that provides outstanding services to its highly esteemed customers. The company has highly qualified professionals has worked with mobile app development companies from the United Arab Emirate, United States, and many European companies. Apphawks offers excellent testing services for finance, eCommerce, insurance, finance, education institutions, and other companies. When you hire Apphawks, the company testing services like performance testing, localization testing, test automation, manual testing, web application testing, eCommerce testing, functional and non-functional testing, and many more.

8. QualiTest Group

when you need the services of a testing company that carries out mobile app end-to-end testing and management, the QualiTest Group is the best choice you can choose. The company has experts and professionals with years of experience in carrying out various mobile app testing services. When you engage its services, the company will carry out manual, accessibility, functionality, automation, security testing, and other kinds of tests at affordable prices.

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9. DeviQA

Established in 2010, DeviQA is a fantastic mobile app testing company that offers quality testing services to its customers. The company has highly qualified experts and professionals that are well trained. When you engage their services, the company provides testing services like automation testing, functionality testing, manual testing, accessibility testing, and many more.


The mobile app testing services rendered by the companies are highlighted in the table below.

Mobile App Testing Companies                                 Testing Services
ScienceSoft 1.      Mobile functional testing

2.      Mobile performance and security testing

3.      Mobile compatibility testing

4.      Usability and compliance testing

Kualitatem 1.      Mobile app testing

2.      Automation testing

3.      Usability Testing

4.      Performance and responsive testing

5.      Platform compatibility testing

6.      Accessibility and functional testing

7.      Cloud security and risk assessments

8.      Code reviews

9.      Penetration testing

10.  Cybersecurity testing

ImpactQA 1.      Mobile application and automation testing

2.      Web application testing

3.      Functional and performance testing

4.      AI Testing

BugEspy 1.      Functional and automation testing.

2.      Mobile app UI/UX testing.

3.      Penetration testing

4.      Regression testing.

Indium Software 1.      Mobile compatibility testing

2.      Functional and performance testing

3.      Integration, security, and system testing

Galaxy Weblink Inc. 1.      Mobile app performance testing

2.      Automation and penetration testing

3.      Functional testing

4.      Mobile UX testing

5.      Cloud testing

6.      Android application testing

7.      iOS Automation app testing

8.      Regression testing

Apphawks 1.      Functional testing

2.      Security, performance, automation testing

3.      Localization testing

4.      Usability and compatibility testing

QualiTest Group 1.      MOAS

2.      Independent testing

3.      Outcome-based testing

4.      DevOps testing

5.      Right-shore testing

6.      Software testing

DeviQA 1.      Automated testing

2.      API testing

3.      Web-app testing

4.      Full-cycle testing


The mobile app is of the essential need of all mobile device owners. As the world continues to embrace the use of mobile apps, there is a need for its developers to carry out a quality test before they are launched. The companies listed here are the top and the most efficient companies that can carry out dynamic testing for you. Kindly engage their services.

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