Top Trends in Video Game Design

Nowadays, the gaming industry has continued to witness a significant turnaround in the various game design. The quest to make the gameplay enjoyable has made it advanced from been played for fun to becoming more realistic. This has been made possible with the designs of video games with different features. With the engagement of video game designers, gamers can now enjoy their gameplay with the introduction of modern design, storyline, character, and environment. That said, video game design has continued to witness new trends with new features, storyline, and modified characters consistently introduced to various games. These trends continue to make new games look more realistic and exciting than the previous version released in the gaming industry. Today, I will be telling you about the top trends in video game design you will see in new games released in 2020.

1. Feelings and Comfortability

One of the top trends in video game design is the consideration of the feelings and comfortability of gamers when they choose a game to play. Games are supposed to excite and thrill gamers when they play it. The storyline of the game should be unique, delight, emotional, and make players discover their gameplay prowess. The video game design industry has focused on designing games that cover different sectors of endeavors like agriculture, sports, adventure, and many more. Gamers that are interested in this section can feel delighted and comfortable while playing it.

2. Inclusion of Microtransaction

How do you feel when you have a game that allows you to add some exciting design to your game character? Microtransaction has been introduced to make it possible for gamers to unlock various features like costumes in Fortnite: Battle Royale Shooter and sports games like FIFA 2020. Microtransaction involves spending your hard-earned cash to unlock these features. The subscription period depends on the rules stipulated in the game. Video game designers are sensitive to the plight of gamers that are not motivated to spend their money to unlock the features. Hence, they included various bonuses, missions, and events through which players can earn some gaming currencies to unlock the game features.

3. Introduction of Indie Games.

The continuous establishment of various game developer platforms is one of the greatest things happening to the gaming industry. The game developer can access different video game design software to introduce more indie games. With this development, the gaming market will continue to have more exciting Indie games.

4. Mobile Gaming

All over the world, several people do not have access to gaming devices. This may be due to economic, financial, and other tangible reasons. However, video game designers have a few months ago began the introduction of game designs that are compatible with mobile devices. Examples of these are Nintendo and sports games. These games are designed with all the features available on gaming devices replicated in the mobile version. With success recorded so far, more gaming industries are following this progressive step to unseat the old entrants in the video gaming design technology.

5. Remaking Old Exciting Games

Recently, most gaming industries have shifted their focus to redesigning and remastering old games to run effectively with the newly manufactured gaming hardware. This technique had received a significant boost with the remaking and remastering of Resident Evil 2. when it was reintroduced-it was ranked as one of the best games that were widely played in 2019. The success achieved led to the video game designers remaking Resident Evil 3. In some months to come, the gaming world will continue to witness the introduction of exciting old games with improved visual features.

6. Streaming

Google streaming services are no longer new to geeks in the gaming world. Video game designers are aware of the introduction of the streaming services introduced in 2019. The streaming services have brought a partial end to challenges faced by gamers who which to play games but have no compatible game consoles. All players need to stream their favorite games is a reliable internet connection. With the introduction of 5G networking, the challenges of having a reliable internet connection to stream games have been defeated. Hence, video game designers are consistently working to improve on the graphics of the games to give gamers an exciting gaming experience.

7. Adding Games to Devices

As the technology world has continued to witness the invention of new streaming devices, some of the streaming devices do not support some of the old games. Hence, video game designers have resolved to design new games and remake the past games so that they can be added to the streaming devices to provide more gameplay options to their users. An example is the Apple TV. Apple TV has some newly released designs that need the inclusion of exciting games to thrill its buyers and users.

8. Console Upgrades

One of the constant things in life is change. In the gaming world, change takes place with the upgrade of games and game consoles. The gaming world has continued to experience the various hardware upgrades to match up with the current technology. For instance, Sony and Xbox have continued to introduce new iterations to their gaming console. The PS5 that will be released in the next few months has some upgrades that are absent in the gaming consoles designed by Sony. Console upgrades will not end this year. Instead, it will continue to trend while earth last.

9. Virtual Reality

Playing games that, with storyline and character that can be likened to happenings in the real world, is one of the yawnings of the new generation gamers. Video game designers have provided the best answer to this by introducing games that have an exciting storyline that makes players enjoy their gameplay. For instance, Minecraft has a lot of Sim mods with a compelling storyline for gamers. It has games relating to agriculture such that the storyline is designed to include farm settlement, farmers having a social life, and many more. This is a trend that farmers have continue to clamor to have in the newly released games. Virtual reality will continue to trend in games beyond the year 2020 because it is a fantastic inclusion that all gamers will love to have in their favorite games.

Wrap Up

The gaming industry has continued to witness new trends in video game design. Discussed here are top designs and features that will not cease from trending in the gaming industry.

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