Video Games Streaming in 2020

Video Games Streaming in 2020


After the war of music streaming and movies and series streaming, the next type of content for which platforms begin to compete in video games in the cloud. Currently, there are few offers in the games streaming market, those are the Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and Project xCloud by Microsoft. Let’s see their pros and cons.

Today’s smartphones have such powerful processors that they are capable of running games like small game consoles. The difference between computer games and mobile games is less and less. The current alternative for those who do not have such fast hardware is streaming video games. Anyone will have access to high-caliber games with graphic demands without the need to have thousands of dollars PC.

They are still in the early stages

Of these three platforms, two have already passed the beta phase: Stadia and GeForce Now. Due to its young age, we still won’t be able to enjoy an infinite catalog of games like on traditional consoles, but deals and partnerships are still in progress and it surely won’t be long before we have all the great titles in the industry at our fingertips. Project xCloud is still in the early stages and it requires an invitation.

Google’s offer is the one that is in the lead at the moment, for the number of titles available and its transparency. Users who own a Stadia will be able to immediately access any of the games stored on Google’s cloud servers, without the need for annoying installations and updates. The fluidity of the games is also important since they run with the same capacity as having a physical console.

No installations, no setups, start playing instantly

In GeForce’s case, the runtime is a bit long in comparison. For now, the game’s starting speed is not what we all want. Compared to its rivals, it is a disadvantage. It may take a few minutes for the game to start. To start, we must first log into the platform where the game was purchased (Uplay or Steam for example), after that, the game will start to load and then we can play. These long wait times are a weakness, but on the other hand, Nvidia is capable of running games at their maximum capacity if we so desire, without sacrificing fluidity or performance.

All three contenders run games in the cloud, Stadia is faster, GeForce Now is much more capable in graphics, and Project xCloud plays a winning card that the rest can’t compete: The Microsoft offer has a catalog with games from various platforms with free access while its testing phase lasts.

Three different ways of streaming

Despite the fact that the three platforms run games in the cloud, sending the image and sound to the user in streaming form, the way to acquire the titles is different for each one. This changes the user experience and how we can access the service. If you have many games purchased in your Steam library, it will be better for you GeForce Now. If you are not so interested in PC and console games you can buy the games you want in the Stadia store and use them on the platform. When you wish everything integrated by subscription, then your best option is Project xCloud.

Great gaming experience and instant access

All three offer a great gaming experience, each with its pros and cons. Any of the three options will save you a cost inexpensive hardware, but you still won’t have to sacrifice video quality or performance. Keep in mind that no decision is final, as they are all services that you can try at no cost before choosing.

They may not be the future of video games, but they will make it easier for those who do not usually play or want to invest more in software than hardware. The more options there are, the better. Let’s just wait to see how the three products evolve and pick the best one for us.

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