Wearable technology: the best smartwatches in 2020

Wearable technology the best smarwatches in 2020


Smartwatches are in fashion. The easy answer to that is one: functions. Being able to access all the functions of a phone, without having to take it out of your pocket.

You must research what you want in a smartwatch and what models can satisfy you. Currently, on the market, there are thousands of options and surely there is a perfect model for you waiting for you.

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2

Sport modes are strong in this smartwatch, with this, you can keep track of your heart rate, your sleep patterns, and your daily activity.. Everything indicates that it is one of the best options for those who have a mind in the gym.

The Amazfit Stratos 2 is compatible with Android (4.4) and iOS (9.0), so you can stay up to date with all your notifications. You will also know who they came from, but you will not be able to answer them from the wearable.

Music is a factor that the Chinese brand did not leave out. You can connect your headphones with Bluetooth and listen to your tracks without using your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This model points to a more traditional and less futuristic design. Its 1.3-inch screen mimics the design of a traditional watch but is not limited in customization features.

The Galaxy Watch is not without any functionality that others have. You can monitor your sports routines with the help of its heart rate meters, program your sleep routines, and even control your caloric intake with its many health and wellness functions. Let’s not forget that it is submersible up to 50 meters.

We can have the Samsung payment application (Samsung Pay) so we can pay the bills without having to take our phone out of our pocket. The Bluetooth nor connection will allow us to connect to headphones and speakers to enjoy our music and its operating system is compatible with Android and iOS.

Huawei Watch 2

Competing with the market giants of Samsung and Apple, the Huawei Watch 2 is a great alternative for those who want a high-performance wearable and 4G connectivity

It has a 1.2-inch screen powered by AMOLED technology, in which you can review all pop-up notifications. In addition, you can answer calls directly from your device.

It has NFC technology so making your payments just by approaching your smartwatch is easy and fast. Its health and exercise apps will allow you to take better control of your physical condition, you will be able to know the distance you have traveled through its GPS and it will show you your heart rate during the day.

Its autonomy of battery will be enough to use it all day without worries and you will not have to worry about splashes since it is resistant to water and dust.


Although it is not a well-known brand, the Kivors Smartwatch cannot be excluded from this list. The quality/price ratio is unsurpassed since you will not lack any of the functions that other competitors in the market have. It is an infallible option for those who have their wearables to keep track of their exercise routines, since it has all the options of cardiac meter, GPS, step counter.

It has a 1.3-inch screen and not only allows you to see notifications but also respond to them. You will not need to use your smartphone since the Kivors allows you to answer calls since it has a SIM card slot. It does not matter if you are an Android or Apple user since their OS is operational with both providers.

You can perform voice commands, which many similar models from other brands do not allow. In addition, you can insert your memory card so that you do not lack storage space at any time. Forget about having to charge your battery every night since its autonomy of charge is 3 and up to 4 days.

Apple Watch Series 5

Obviously, the most modern Apple model could not be excluded. Apple Watch has always had advantages in the world of wearables, and the Series 5 is not far behind.

In addition to all the tools that every smartwatch should contain, the Series 5 has an integrated compass, as well as speed and height meters. Its fitness apps are the top of the line and its resistance makes it indestructible against everyday tasks.

The Apple Watch measures the amount of sonic pollution in your area and is capable of making emergency calls if it detects any danger, either with its fall meter or heart rate.

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