What is a VPN? Best VPN services You Can Buy

What is a VPN? Best VPN services You Can Buy


Nowadays, the use of internet service has become inevitable for people that are involved in all kinds of activities. There are lots of devices that are used to access the internet seamlessly. When you use your smartphone or PC to surf the internet, data are sent from your device to the server. These data are susceptible to threat by digital thieves and hackers who tend to intercept information sent by your device. Also, some websites or apps are region-specific-you cannot access your local area network. That said, you can address these challenges through the use of a VPN. With VPN, you can surf the internet with secured connections. Also, you can access contents that are geo selective and also prevent interruption of the internet service of your device. The benefits of using a VPN for your devices necessitate the need to discuss the vital app. Therefore, today, I will be telling you what VPN means and the best VPN services you can buy.

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service through which users can access the internet via an encrypted tunnel. Generally, VPN is used to hide IP address and encrypt the connection to the Wi-Fi hotspot. It also makes your internet connection private and helps you access your desired website without restriction.

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Best VPN Services You Can Buy

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the famous VPN service providers in the world. Currently, its services spread across over 60 countries worldwide. NordVPN offers excellent internet security services to its users with 2048-bit encryption. Also, it offers about 6000 servers and DNS leak protection for its users all over the world. NordVPN has two killer switch and offers its users excellent internet speed. When you purchase NordVPN services, you can enjoy proxy extension for browsers and unblock geo-restricted sites. The VPN service supports Mac, Wi-Fi router, iOS, Windows, Android. NordVPN has made subscription to its services easy. You can pay for NordVPN services through the use of PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards.

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2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services that are available for internet users. As it stands, the services of ExpressVPN covers more than 90 countries in the world. ExpressVPN is a VPN service that is straightforward to use for new VPN users. When you spend your dollars on its services, you access its kill switch and DNS leak protection features. Also, the VPN service offers about 3000 servers and allows users to browse at an unlimited bandwidth and faster internet speed. ExpressVPN offers excellent encryption services and provides fantastic customer support services to its users. The VPN service. It supports macOS, Windows, iOS, Androids, Wi-Fi router, and Linux.

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3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

If you need a VPN service for your family and friends around you, PIA is the best VPN service you can buy. PIA offers its services to users in over 48 countries in the world. The VPN service provides a fantastic encryption service to protect your data from cyber-attacks and digital thieves. PIA offers reliable and excellent internet speed to its users. For instance, you can access over 19MB/s uploading and 110MB/s downloading speed. PIA offers over 3000 servers to its users worldwide. The VPN service supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can subscribe to PIA services at affordable prices.

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4. ProtonVPN

When you desire to use a VPN service that offers outstanding security and faster internet speed to its user, the ProtonVPN is the right VPN service you can buy. ProtonVPN has continued to grow stronger, with its users spreading across more than 50 countries worldwide. The VPN service is easy and straightforward to use on desktop and as a mobile app. It also has more than 800 servers and provides fantastic data encryption services to its users. With ProtonVPN, you can unlock restrictions on various streaming services providers to enjoy your favorite movie and shows. The VPN service offers money 30 days money-back guarantee to its users when they subscribe to its services. ProtonVPN supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and many more.

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5. Surfshark

Surfshark is a VPN service provider that offers fast internet speed and is straightforward to use. It offers a fantastic VPN service to its users in over 63 countries in the world. Surfshark encrypts your data with its standard encryption protocols like UDP, OpenVPN, and AES-256. Currently, Surfshark has more than 1700 servers and unlocks all-region restrictions easily. The VPN service has excellent malware protection and ad-blocking tools. With Surfshark, you can download files at an average speed of 120MB/s. When you subscribe to Surfshark, you get 30 days money-back guarantee. The VPN service supports iOs, Apple TV, Linux, Android, Fire TV, Xbox, and many more.

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The pros, cons, and pricing system of the VPN services are highlighted in the table below

VPN Service           Pricing System                  Pros           Cons
  1. $3.49 per month for three years.
  2. $4.99 per month for two years.
  3. $11.95 per month $6.99 per month for a year.
1.      It offers excellent encryption services.

2.      It can connect six devices simultaneously.

1.      Data breach.
  1. $8.32 per month for a year. $9.99 per month for six months.
  2. $12.95 per month.
1.      Fast VPN services.

2.      It offers 30 days free trial before purchase.

3.      Excellent support services.

No cons documented.
Private Internet Access (PIA)
  1. $6.99 per month.
  2. $74.99 per year.
  3. $83.87 for two years.
1.      It can be used on ten devices simultaneously.

2.      Its app offers excellent services.

1.      Its support service needs improvement.
ProtonVPN 1.      $4 per month for 12 months.

2.      $8 per month for 12 months.

1.      Its app has an excellent interface.

2.      Unblocks restricted streaming services.

1.      It does not offer live chat support.
Surfshark 1.      $1.99 per month for 24 months.

2.      $5.99 per month for 12 months.

3.      $11.99 per month for one month.

1.      Its two years plan is cheap.

2.      It offers live chat supports to subscribers.

3.      It offers excellent connection speed.

1.      Its app interface looks old.


VPN service is important for all internet users that desire to secure their data from digital thieves and hackers. Discussed here are excellent VPN services you can purchase for your devices. Please go through it and choose a VPN service you love most.

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