What is Valorant and why it got so popular

What is ValorantOne of the most played and watched streaming platform games were developed by the Riot Games studio, the League of Legends (LoL) developer, which not only enjoyed great popularity among casual players but also marked a milestone in the competitive world of eSports.

Such achievements make the bar very high for the new Riot’s project: Valorant, which is on its way to surpassing the numbers of its older brother, its release, and the beta phase of broken records. In a short time, Valorant has had an overwhelming impact, but because of his young age, many still don’t know all about this prospect.

What kind of game is Valorant?

Valorant is a First Person Shooter in rounds with two teams of 5 players whose objective is, in the case of attackers, to plant the bomb (Spike in this case) and/or eliminate the enemy team; being the defender’s objective to prevent it. The team winning 13 rounds takes the W home.

It is the same as the Counter Strike: Global Offensive so far (excluding the number of rounds). The main difference, however, is that each player operates a different agent that has certain unique features. Overwatch, or Rainbow Six Siege, as in League of Legends are similar games with these mechanics.

Another difference that Valorant has over similar titles like Overwatch is that agents can dispose of all weapons in rounds. Much like the CS:GO purchasing system, players purchase their weapons and utilities at the start of the round.

In addition to weapons, each character has a range of special abilities that will help him during combat, abilities that we will also have to choose in the buying phase. We will have other skills that will always be available, like a signature skill that we can use limited times per round. Finally, an ultimate skill that recharges when eliminating opponents, dying, or raising the orbs that are scattered on the map.

An unprecedented beta phase

The reason many may not have heard of Valorant despite its immense success is because Riot Games partnered with Twitch to develop a somewhat exclusive but captivating open beta mode. Players who wanted a premature taste of the game had to go to streams from various Twitch creators and pro players. By accumulating hours of view, they added the possibility of receiving an invitation to play the beta.

This achieved something that no one could’ve predicted: Valorant had such a huge number of viewers in one event that massive popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft were dethroned. The only game he failed to beat was his older brother LoL who still holds his record thanks to the League of Legends World Cup held last year.

This strategy not only benefited Riot Games, but Twitch, its creators, players, and of course, viewers.

A Shooter with eSports DNA

The guys at Riot have made no secret of their intentions for Valorant to be the next big game to take over the eSports world. It doesn’t take long to realize that the essence of the game, from its mechanics, graphics, and aesthetics, to its gameplay was all orchestrated to be a high-level competitive game. Many pro players from other games are sharpening their skills for master Valorant in competitions, besides, larger eSports organizations like NIP and T1 have already announced lineups to compete in Valorant.

Currently, we have only been able to see some regional tournaments with modest prizes, although they already have the support of Riot and can officially use the name of Valorant. But what they want is to fill large arenas as we are used to seeing in mythical tournaments such as ESL or the LoL World Championship. At the moment this is not yet possible, but it is evident that this is the goal of Riot Games for Valorant in the near future.

A promising offer that is already here

Much was said about Valorant while it was still in a closed phase, as it made a great stir on the internet. Some players are still a little skeptical and believe that the hype will fade over time, but others are convinced that this phenomenon is here to stay. As of June 2, Valorant is available worldwide for free to all who want to become the next world champion.

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