WhatsApp Pay: A New Payment Feature

Going without a credit card to make your purchases is becoming increasingly common. It’s not because you don’t need it, which is probably yes, but it’s because now you can move your mobile to the dataphone and make the transaction. If you have the app from your bank, you can trust it to make these payments, but it might be worth saving space by using another app that you already have, like WhatsApp thanks to WhatsApp Pay. However, as not much of the project has been published, many still do not know about this new function which is on the way.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new project

It was its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who said Facebook is building WhatsApp Pay in the recent financial results released by Facebook.

It’s uncertain if it will be a service other than Facebook Pay, which has already been announced. Or if it somehow gets integrated directly into Facebook Pay or if the system will be the same, with different alias for every app. The reality is there are many different possibilities. For now, Facebook has tested various payment methods, including for example on Facebook Messenger, or purchases on Instagram. WhatsApp has already tried payment systems specifically in countries like India, where it has its largest number of users. As suggested, there are currently 140 million small companies using their payment / purchase devices.

The “various countries” which it expects to arrive in the course of 2020 have not been specified either. There are many countries where WhatsApp is not as popular as a messaging app and maybe this is a user gain strategy.

We’ll still have to wait for a little

A lot of users may still be somewhat reluctant to buy online by the middle of 2020, but some are not used to paying for their mobile phones. It may be safer than it would seem as you don’t have to keep the payment function activated all the time.

The current issue, however, has not so much to do with its operation, but with its look. For its beta in India, the country where Facebook decided to do its first experiments, the payment program was expected two years earlier, but it has not been officially released there yet. Zuckerberg’s company is expecting the Indian Reserve Bank (RBI) to give it the green light for its citizens to start using it officially.

This is how you can register your debit card on WhatsApp

To start with payments from WhatsApp, first, you’ll have to associate your bank account to the app. You should do the following after that:

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • At the upper right corner, tap on the “options” icon. There you will not only see the options for Settings, Video calls, Calls, but also a tab that says Payments.
  • Select “Add new payment method”.
  • Then click on “Accept” and continue.
  • Choose your bank from the list where you have your deposits. Remember that not all banks are currently available and this will be implemented gradually.
  • To subscribe to your card, you must press the “Clip” and then add it.
  • Now you must link your number. Make sure that the WhatsApp number you are linking is the same one you use for your bank. Press Verify by SMS to authenticate your bank account.
  • Press Allow for WhatsApp to verify that phone numbers match
  • Allo WhatsApp to send you an SMS to authenticate your account.
  • The app will check with the bank and extract all the accounts associated with the info you provided.
  • Tap Done and registration is done.
  • You should now see the payment method listed on the payments page.

Make payments via WhatsApp Pay

It is really quick to transfer money over WhatsApp. Once you’ve registered your card, it will all be very simple and fast. Do those steps to do this:

  • Pick the person you wish to send money to.
  • In the conversation window, select the Clip icon.
  • Choose Payment
  • Select the quantity you want to send.
  • Enter your secret password for your bank.
  • You will see a verification notification appear directly in the chat when it’s all done.

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